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These are the commands that a player can use on the server.

  • /uptime - Check the server's uptime.
  • /tps - Check the server's TPS and CPU usage.
  • /discord - Get an invite link to join the Discord.
  • /msg <player> <message> - Send a private message to a player.
  • /r <message> - Reply to the last person who sent you a message.
  • /ignore <player> - Ignore a player's chat message.
  • /ignorelist - Check who you have ignored in chat.
  • /player <player> - Check a player's join and last login date.
  • /toggledeathmsg - Show or hide all death messages.
  • /toggleconnectionmsgs - Show or hide join/leave messages.
  • /kill - Take the easy way out.
  • /stats - Get a link to the player statistics.
  • /colors - See the chat formatting codes.
  • /dmhide <player> - Hide death messages for a specific player.
  • /dmshow <player> - Show death messages for a specific player.
  • /dmhlist - Show whose death messages you've hidden.
  • /info - See some information about the server.
  • /rules - See the server's rules.
  • /donate - Donate for the server.
  • /renders - See online spawn renders.
  • /ping <player> - See player's ping. Using /ping by itself shows your own ping.
  • /togglepms - Turn private messages on/off.
  • /togglegchat - Turn off "general" chat. Still shows party and private messages.

Party Chat

Party Chat allows player to create a party chat and chat privately.

  • /party create - Make a new party.
  • /party invite <player> - Invite a player to the party. Party owner only.
  • /party accept/deny - Accept or deny an invite.
  • /party kick <player> - Kick a player from the party. Party owner only.
  • /party leave - Leave the party.
  • /party disband - Delete the party. Party owner only.
  • /party info - Information about the party.
  • /party transfer <player> - Transfer ownership of party. Party owner only.
  • /pc <message> - Send a message to the party.


  • /vote - Vote for the server on various websites.
  • /sv top - See who has the most votes on the server.