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Joined: June 1st, 2019
Era: The First Wave, Q2
Groups: NA
Bases: Planet Paradise, DupePost, Field of Food
Other Account(s): NA

Conga0 is regularly a solo player who will base with players on rare occasion, they are the first player to ever cause a duplication on the server and kickstarted the server gapple economy. They were also capable of duplicating after the patch to prevent duplication, leading to donkeys, mules and llamas being disabled, followed by them being reenabled but being unrideable.

They take great joy in giving new spawns a challenge leaving spawn and give all their victims at least one warning before they're targetted.

They have a habit of leaving a single rose/poppy with a sign next to it saying "this is a rose" where they grief; if the base was deemed worthy.

Conga0 also has a habit of destroying all churches they find in villages immediately, often stopping their travels if it isn't urgent; additionally they have killed the Ender Dragon.