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| projects  =  
| projects  =  
'''Deadwood''' is (at the time of writing) the largest active group of players on DMC.

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The Deadwood banner - originally the flag of Port Deadwood and then adopted for the group as a whole
Established November 17, 2019
Disbanded n/a
Status Active
Current Members Fargendo (co-founder), Diplotomodon (co-founder), OptimalArchitect (co-founder), exoh42 (co-founder), hyperdefined2, Justeaze, Exerdra, UpliftSage317, _Nukaa, weedsniff
Former Members
Bases Port Deadwood, Mount Deadwood, Deadwood Isle, others
Other Projects


Deadwood was formed on November 17, 2019 with the establishment of the Port Deadwood base. Initially a small group focused on builds and farms, several other members would be recruited in the following months. The location of the base meant that Deadwood could have a strong presence at spawn.

Following the discovery and subsequent self-griefing of Port Deadwood in January 2020, the group resolved to continue and formally operate under the Deadwood name at several different locations. Most of the group would move to a new base named Mount Deadwood, while Fargendo would live a nomadic lifestyle for a time and then help found the Kooky Kapitalist Klan before returning to Deadwood. Soon, Justeaze would leave to establish a separate project eventually named Deadwood Isle, which has served as the group's main base of operations ever since.

Despite being fairly quiet in chat on most days, Deadwood remains a very active group on the server - preferring when possible to work in the shadows.