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donfuer banner.png
The new DonFuer banner
Established ~August 2013 (on other servers)
March 20th, 2020 (on DMC)
Disbanded n/a
Status Active
Current Members 27
Former Members
Bases Don Himmel, Donfueria Classica
Other Projects DonWood (joint base with Deadwood)

DonFuer is a large group with a presence on many different anarchy Minecraft servers.


The group or "idea", as they call it, has existed since August of 2013. It has spread its influence across a few servers and has had 18 different Capital Cities throughout a myriad of Minecraft servers, particularly anarchy or faction servers. It was brought to 2b2t by The Vortex Coalition. The Supreme Leader of VoCo, Coltsnid, had appointed HermeticLock as an executive member of the group. Herm was friends with D_loaded and suggested to Coltsnid that they recruit him into VoCo to build a large city for the group. Colt went with Herm to the 9th DonFuer on another server, and convinced D_loaded to join VoCo and build a city on 2b2t.

The 10th city was founded on December 11th, 2016. It stood for just over one month until its coordinates were leaked by Coltsnid on January 14th, 2017, due to the group's claim to be responsible for "The Fall of VoCo". 30 minutes later, Babbaj arrived at the city and attacked, turning the city into ruin. The 11th city was abandoned before completion because Hermeticlock was starting the Spawn Masons. The 12th DonFuer was completed on July 10th, and griefed on September 9 2017, along with Don Meer, Don Hoggal, and Los Garr. Llane griefed DonFuer 12, to put the base on the museum working with Beardler. Later on, D_loaded ended up in some drama with the 6th incursion, causing them to have to leave 2b2t. As of March 2020, D_Loaded reconciled with most of the people from then and rejoined the Spawn Masons. its members (the DonFuerians) are able to participate in city functions without worrying about other groups.

In 2020, UpliftSage and other current/former DonFuer members decided to revive the group and chose DMC as their new home. After an unexpected FitMC video that prominently featured the group's activities on 2b2t, the new DonFuer went public and began actively recruiting members via advertisements and map art. DonFuer and Deadwood would go onto establish DonWood, at the time the biggest base on the server. DonWood was griefed by Deus_Vult19.

Currently, they hold the record for most active members in a group.

Prominent Members