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{{Infobox player
{{Infobox player
| name      = Magnus_Tesshu
| name      = Magnus_Tesshu
| image      = Image:Magnus_Tesshu.png
| image      = File:magnus.png
| caption    = Dupes are bad for the Economy
| caption    = Dupes are bad for the Economy
| joindate  = January 9th, 2020
| joindate  = January 9th, 2020

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Dupes are bad for the Economy
Join Date January 9th, 2020
Era The Present Day
Status Active
Bases Fool's Watch
Other Usernames Magnus_Tesshu
Known Alts
Reddit u/Magnus_Tesshu
Current Fool's Watch

Magnus_Tesshu joined early in January. He plays sporadically, often obsessively and then disappears for weeks.

He has been described as a great builder due to his first base, the Fool's Watch. He is also interested in making efficient farms and crazy contraptions.

After voting began to be advertised on the server, Magnus_Tesshu began voting almost immediately, leading a group of players headed by Magnus_Tesshu to suspect that Magnus_Tesshu was a simp or at least had simpish tendencies.

He was the first player to receive the How Did We Get Here? advancement, which required many hours of effort bringing a dolphin to an end-city.