Oath Breaker

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Oath Breaker was the sword wielded by BJs4Lapis. The sword managed to kill many new players at spawn during its active lifetime, as well as being one of the only weapons to kill hyperdefined, the server's owner. It is now owned by 2f4u_ and is in his ender chest, forever living on as a relic of the server.


The first known appearance of Oath Breaker on the server was when BJs4Lapis used it to betray Two for One (he was a member) by killing 6qb and hyperdefined, the former of whom was back at the base (hyper was on his way to the stronghold). BJ then went on somewhat of a rampage, griefing Two for One and going back to spawn to kill new players using the sword. Death messages such as "[Player] was killed by BJs4Lapis using Oath Breaker" were all too common during this time. Eventually, BJ found and leaked the Citadel, the base that many of Two for One's members had migrated to, but was killed in a fight with 2f4u_, who burned his stuff but took the sword. It still resides with him to this day, and serves as a haunting reminder of the destruction that BJ brought to the server.


  • The original Oath Breaker was destroyed by 2f4u_. The only difference from the one that exists today is that it had Bane of Arthropods V on it, which was widely made fun of at the time. (NOTE: this does not make the 2nd one Oath Breaker 2, since both swords had the same name)
  • There was a joke among older players that involved spamming "OATH BREAKER 2 WHEN" whenever BJ logged on.


Oath Breaker's enchantments.