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This page documents the (somewhat abridged) history of the server.

(NOTE: This list is incomplete, some information might be missing from this timeline!)

2019 - The First Wave


  • May 27: hyperdefined launches the server around 5PM EST on version 1.12.2, and advertises it on other major anarchy servers as a lag free alternative.
  • May 28: Members of Two for One open the End and kill the Ender Dragon for the first time. Simultaneously, BJs4Lapis betrays the group, killing a few players with the Oath Breaker and griefing the base. Two for One is then abandoned.
    • Sanderall, the first Discord bot, is introduced to the server and quickly becomes infamous among the playerbase.
    • The group Primis is (presumably) founded on this day.
    • Construction of Nether highways begins, most of initial work done by members of Primis.
  • May 29: The Citadel is founded by Blaze_Warfare and former members of Two for One.
  • May 30: A swarm of over fifty withers appear in the Nether, destroying many of the newly built highways and creating a massive crater at 0,0. Blaze_Warfare is later revealed to be responsible for this.
    • The server hits a record total of 37 players online at the same time. This record has yet to be broken.
  • May 31: _HervisDaubeny finds the ruins of Two for One and starts repairing them.


  • June 1: BJs4Lapis discovers the coordinates of the Citadel, and Blaze_Warfare destroys the base with withers to prevent it from being griefed by others.
    • Primis Keep, the third Primis base, is founded by xCape.
    • Conga0 achieves the first duplication on the server at an outpost that would come to be called the DupePost.
  • June 3: The Field of Food project is founded by Xenara and _HervisDaubeny. Several other players join and contribute resources.
  • June 4: As the sheer number of withers in the Nether continues to cause extreme TPS drops, several players join up to purge them to a more reasonable level.
  • June 7: The Field of Food is griefed by __Payne__ and U_Bot. As a result, Xenara creates a second Field of Food with some of the old members.
  • June 8: The second Field of Food is griefed through unknown circumstances (although it is possible that Zzaclipse was partially responsible). portego, Viizen, and ByteKing burn the remains in a show of honor.
  • June 20: 1k1k is founded by Blaze_Warfare and quickly grows to become the largest group base ever created on DMC.
  • June 22: By this point, 1k1k is completely abandoned after two separate griefing incidents by TheJoyofGambling and ExtinctAJ.
  • June 25: After tensions escalate between the Valley of Demeter and Kyratov, both bases are abandoned. Blaze_Warfare goes on to found Ground Zero after leaving the Valley.


  • July 2: StephenatorFTW joins the server and becomes an instant meme.
  • July 3: The members of Ground Zero return to Kyratov and start to rebuild and expand it.
  • July 7: Penguin_Mann griefs Ground Zero as revenge for past grievances. Phoenix Keep is the only structure to remain standing.


  • August 6: Fargendo starts to build the Lava Machine at spawn, but is forced to abandon it before completion due to lag issues.




  • December 13: Server is updated to 1.15.
  • December 22: Server is updated to 1.15.1.

2020 - ??? Era


  • January 25: Server is updated to 1.15.2.
  • January 26: Port Deadwood's coordinates are leaked and the base is griefed.