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Joined: June 3rd, 2019
Era: The First Wave, Q2
Groups: Not Currently Names
Bases: Field of Food
Other Account(s): NA

Xenara is an NPC known as the Friendliness Cultist. They worship the Smiling God.


Xenara is a player that first entered the server during the Age of Popularity. While they are not an 'OldFag' or Day 1 Player, they have managed to build a small community around them in spite of their relatively uncanny-valleyesque personality.

A self-proclaimed 'pvp pacifist', they refuse to fight other Players, and instead will try and figure out peaceful solutions to discordances. Often going to extremes in order to keep that promise. The only time a player has ever directly been killed because of Xenara's actions was during the griefing of the Field of Food part 1, in which their wolves managed to kill one of the griefers.

They are currently one of the founders of DestroyMC's community project and base, the Field of Food/ Valley of Food etc.

Their main message to anyone who asks is; 'Welcome to DestroyMC, the Friendliest Anarchy Server in Minecraft! Have a fun time, and no griefing! After all, that's not really friendly, is it? :3'

All are welcomed to join, as long as they follow the tenets of the Guild!

They are known for their almost naive optimism in the face of uncertainty, and an extreme drive and persistence to enact their plans.