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Overhead view of 1k1k
Founded June 20, 2019
Era The First Wave
Members Blaze_Warfare (founder), raincloudguy, _Epicness_, _ThatKarma, mistertoy, weedsniff (alt), Conga0, EyepAddress (alt), whygoodboyg, Lightbulb78, Lurch381, exoh42 (alt), Nukaagamer (alt), Chipoff, Xenara, Lolikerz, FaT_EaRtHeR, ExtinctAJ, Koolcat_0778 (alt), MrBeefSteak
Status Griefed
Dimension Overworld
Coordinates x=1000, z=1000

1k1k, also known as One for One, was a spawn base founded by Blaze_Warfare at X=1000 Z=1000 on June 20th, 2019. The base attracted many newspawns during its active lifetime, and helped to get many a newbie on their feet after escaping spawn. 1k1k was also used by many old players as a base for their spawn alts and for cooperating with newspawns. The base was first griefed by TheJoyofGambling, but was rebuilt. A short while later, ExtinctAJ griefed the base and most of the members abandoned it. The base only lasted two days, with it being completely abandoned by June 22nd. Later in July it was griefed again by TheJoyofGambling, this time leaving it in complete ruins.


  • Before the creation of Spawntown in February 2020, 1k1k held the record for largest group base on the server in terms of player count, boasting 20 players at its peak.