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Join Date May 27th, 2019
Era The First Wave, Q2
Status Inactive
Bases Two for One
Other Usernames
Known Alts

BJs4Lapis was an infamous player in the early days of the server, mainly known for betraying and griefing Two for One and compromising the Citadel. He was also known to kill many new players at spawn during the first week of the server.


BJ is a Day 1 player. He joined the server at an unknown time on May 27th, but didn't base up until the following day, when he joined Two for One, which was at the time the only group base on the server. He played nice until later that day, when many of the members were at the stronghold getting ready to kill the dragon (see The End). BJ killed 6qb, one of the members who was back at the base, and hyperdefined (the server owner), who was on his way to the stronghold. This marked the first appearance of Oath Breaker, a weapon that signified his betrayal and one he would keep using. He then minorly griefed the base before going back to spawn to kill new players. He was later killed by 2f4u_, who burned all of his stuff.

Several days passed, with BJ's presence on the server becoming alarmingly quiet. He wouldn't talk in chat when he was on, and his location was a complete mystery. Finally, on June 1st, 2019, BJ finally tracked down the Citadel, the follow-up base created by most of the members of Two for One, and leaked the coords, which resulted in 2f4u_ extensively griefing the base to deny BJ the satisfaction of griefing it, leaving it in complete ruins. 2f4u_ also managed to kill him yet again, burning all of his stuff with the exception of Oath Breaker (note: this was the second sword to hold this name, as the first had been burned by 2f). He has not been seen on the server since.


  • BJs4Lapis stands for "Blowjobs 4 Lapis".


2f4u_ killing BJ at the Citadel (screenshot by hyperdefined).
BJ at Two for One, holding the original Oath Breaker sword.