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Join Date May 27th, 2019
Era The First Wave, Q2
Status Active
Bases Two for One, Citadel (founder), Valley of Demeter (founder), 1k1k (founder), Project 5k, The Light, Ground Zero (founder), Spawntown
Other Usernames Philosophist, 2f4u_
Known Alts ValleyOfDemeter, KotoSunrise, 2hacks2exploits, IHackedCSGO
Reddit u/Blaze_Warfare

Blaze_Warfare is a player who joined the server in the first 30 minutes of its lifespan. He is most known for playing a part in building Two for One and once being the only person on the server to have player heads. When Blaze_Warfare joined, he invited his friend from Constantiam to build a base with him around 500 blocks out called the shit shack. Along with building at it hyperdefined logged on and had his first interactions with Blaze_Warfare, giving him his own playerhead as well as his own head.

Two for One

On the first day of joining the server, Blaze_Warfare was invited to a base at -2000 +1000 called Two for One made by exoh42 and Nukaagamer. After being invited to the base, Blaze_Warfare logged off for the night to go to bed and came back the next day to a whole wave of new people on the server.


Citadel was a base started by Blaze with the old members of 2f1 who wanted to make something slightly farther out from spawn. its also where the servers main first kits came from, with the donkey dupe.

Field Of Food

Blaze had minor interactions with the members at this location, only stopping by for screenshots hours before its griefing. he later hung out with some of its members on other projects, like 50k 50k.

Valley Of Demeter

Demeter was a unfinished project done by blaze with one goal in mind, to make the biggest fucking wheat farm on the server. due to drama he had with his other basemates it was left unfinished, rotting to this day.


1k1k was something also started by blaze and the 2f1 crew. it was another spawn project and in the beginning had the most total people at it (for its time). ultimately it got griefed after a few days.

Ground Zero

Ground zero was the 50k 50k project Blaze started. it lasted almost a month before getting griefed.