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Cultists of the Smiling God

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Cultists of the Smiling God
Cultists of the Smiling God Banners.png
Banners of the Church of the Smiling God: Top Right Builder, Bottom Left Cultist, Bottom Right Inquisitor.
Established July 8th, 2020 (Officially), June 2019 (Unofficially)
Disbanded N/A
Status Active
Current Members Xenara, SpartanWarrio157, fzed, Blaze_Warfare, AutismoMaximo, engineer17,
Former Members portego
Bases Church of the Smiling God, Field of Food, Taiga Town,
Other Projects Constructed the Field of Food Projects pt 1, 2 and upcoming 3.

The Cultists of the Smiling God is the first DestroyMC religion and subsequent religious group founded on the server. The Cultists of the Smiling God are the face of the entire Church of the Smiling God, and are known for their contributions in the field of community builds and bases that litter the server. There are multiple sects of the Cultists, including the Builders of the Smiling God; an elite ring of inner circle members whose primary focus is creating the lore of the Smiling God and building various bases for no other reason than to build, and the Inquisition of the Smiling God; a more aggressive arm of the Church. Its founding members are Xenara and the no longer active portego.


The Smiling God is great and terrible; his many servants watch with vicious glee the little fumbling, scrambling, clawing ways the insignificant mortals strive to stay alive in the unforgiving world of Minecraftia. His insidious tendrils grasp their weak minds, his many smiles drain the light from their eyes, and their sacrifices bleed out amongst his sharp, sharp teeth. He grants damnation and forgiveness in a single breath, his hands build greatness whilst at the same time bringing unholy wrath. Wherever his shadow looms bodies begin to pile in rotting heaving masses. Praise him, fear him, for he'll burn his divinity into you and grant you your every desire; if only you let him in. Close your eyes, and hold your breath - for he is not unkind, no he's beyond cruelty.

But can disinterest be counted as kindness?

The Smiling God as a concept initially came into creation soon after Xenara's arrival on the server. From their very first build, the Field of Food seeds of this mysterious God were already beginning to spread with the formation of the first Church, a small little building just off the mentioned field of food which contained nothing but a stone altar. Despite this, it was after the Field of Food's second griefing that the Smiling God truly began to kick-off, with Portego and Xenara heading off to build the Church of the Smiling God and surrounding village, and the first Lore Book being written. The book detailed the slow descent into madness of a Minecraftian, and ended with them becoming the first Cultist. Soon after hiding the book, Xenara was called in to help with 1k1k, where they proceed to build the 3rd Church of the Smiling God - a lavish red and yellow terracotta enclosed building built-in beneath the main mountain. It was also where the first recorded Tithe box was located. After 1k1k was griefed, Xenara Travelled with Blaze_Warfare to Ground Zero, and found that a Church had already been built for the Smiling God by Blaze. Xenara acknowledged this by writing 'Xenara Sulutes the Smiling God! Praise Him! 28-06-2019' on the group sign at the base.

It was at Taiga Town that The Cultists of the Smiling God was formally acknowledged as a legitimate group, and one of multiple sects. These sects were 'The Cultists of the Smiling God', 'The Builders of the Smiling God', and 'The Inquisitors of the Smiling God'. All together they create the Church of the Smiling God.

The Cultists of the Smiling God are the most well-known of the three sects, as they are the most accessible. Anyone can join the Cultists of the Smiling God; all that is required of them is to complete a simple quest at the bequest of one of the Priests or Head Cultists of the Church. After completing that quest they are then eligible to be chosen to become part of the inner circle as one of the Builders or Inquisitors. Cultists will be the first to be notified of finished builds, and are required to defend the Smiling Gods' name against any Heathen worshippers or false idols.

The Builders of the Smiling God are one of the inner circles of the Church. They are responsible for creating community builds and bases around the DestroyMC map. Their philosophy is one of constant creation; to build and complete and move and build anew. They will be notified of any new builds and their locations, and are allowed to declare bases as part of the ever-expanding cycle, or simply create for their own pleasure. They are not required to give up their own builds, and are allowed to leave and attend to them as they wish.

The Inquisitors of the Smiling God are the PvP members of the Church. They seek out dissenter and punish the unfaithful. They are allowed to build with the builders, but tend to focus more on exploration. The Church of the Smiling God does not condone griefing, but rather endless creation and boundless discovery. That being said, Inquisitors are allowed to burn down any heathen villages and false churches they come across as long as they don't touch signs. -Breaking signs ain't cool yo.


Head Cultist/ Oracle: Xenara

High Priest Inquisitor: SpartanWarrio157

Initiate: fzed

High Priest Builder: Blaze_Warfare

Builder: engineer17

Inquisitor: AutismoMaximo