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The Deadwood banner - originally the flag of Port Deadwood and then adopted for the group as a whole
Established November 17, 2019
Disbanded n/a
Status Active
Current Members Fargendo (co-founder), Diplotomodon (co-founder), OptimalArchitect (co-founder), exoh42 (co-founder), hyperdefined2, Justeaze, Exerdra, UpliftSage317, _Nukaa, weedsniff, tyrannus00, engineer17
Former Members
Bases Port Deadwood, Mount Deadwood, Deadwood Isle, others
Other Projects DonWood (joint base with DonFuer), heist of the Dragon Egg

Deadwood is a large group on DMC and one of the only active groups from The First Wave.


Deadwood was formed on November 17, 2019, with the establishment of the Port Deadwood base. Initially a small group focused on builds and farms, several other members would be recruited in the following months. The location of the base meant that Deadwood could have a strong presence at spawn.

Following the discovery and subsequent self-griefing of Port Deadwood in January 2020, the group resolved to continue and formally operate under the Deadwood name at several different locations. Most of the group would move to a new base named Mount Deadwood, while Fargendo would live a nomadic lifestyle for a time and then help found the Kooky Kapitalist Klan before returning to Deadwood. Soon, Justeaze would leave to establish a separate project eventually named Deadwood Isle, which served as the group's main base of operations during the crash dupe. When Deadwood allied with DonFuer, they formed the Donwood megabase which would be their crowning achievement on the server.

Right up until the closure of DMC, Deadwood remained a very active group on the server - preferring when possible to work in the shadows.