DestroyMC Elections

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DestroyMC Elections
The debate stage in action.
Date August 28, 2020
Location Lakeside Park
Major Participants _Nukaa, FaT_EaRtHeR, SlowpokeSap, littleharpy, MikelAx7 (dropped out), EyepAddress (dropped out)

The DestroyMC Elections were an event held on August 28, 2020. Organized by SpartanWarrio157 and tyrannus00, a mock election and debate was hosted, and several candidates (shown above in Major Participants) debated talking points and were voted on by the community.

The elections started as a meme in the DonFuer discord server, after SpartanWarrio157 started spamming #nukaforemperor2020 in one of the public channels as a joke. The members of that discord rapidly spread it to the main DMC discord, where it unprecedentedly blew up. Soon after, several other players announced their candidacy as a joke, and a dedicated Discord server was created for the event.

The event was held at Lakeside Park, a little-known spawnbase created by Diplotomodon in late April 2020. The four candidates that remained, as some had dropped out, held a debate at a stage constructed expressly for the event. In the end, _Nukaa won by a landslide, earning the title of DMC President.


All screenshots courtesy of obybella.