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The Angel at Donwood, with the shadow of the USS Enterprise in the background
Founded May 14, 2020
Era The Rebirth Era, Q2
Members Fargendo, dragonworm, UpliftSage, whygoodboyg, _Nukaa, battlemode169, Diplotomodon, engineer17, exoh42, FaT_EaRtHeR, Justeaze, MikelAx7, tyrannus00, weedsniff, TimeofWheel
Status Griefed
Dimension Overworld
Coordinates -336212, 7482851

Donwood was a collaborative megabase built by DonFuer and Deadwood, founded on May 14, 2020.


Discussion of a potential Donfuer/Deadwood megabase began soon after the groups allied with each other in March 2020. Fargendo was able to locate a massive mushroom island out in the millions, thanks to terrain searching the seed (which was still not public at this time). Members of Deadwood and Donfuer leadership slowly began to make their way out to the site and start to build. It quickly became the largest DMC base ever built by land volume, and would have grown far larger were it built to completion.

In late August 2020, Fargendo accidentally leaked the coords to Donwood while attempting to chunkban wildbush, and although the screenshot was quickly deleted and replaced, Wildbush and Tarrac made it out to the base and looted several inventories' worth of gear. Many of the items were later returned after a great deal of negotiation and various threats, but within the next few days an unknown player named Deus_Vult19 logged into the server for the first time, geared up, and traveled eight million blocks out within five hours in order to grief the base. The exact circumstances of the grief remained a mystery until early October 2020, when it was revealed that the grief had been planned and executed by DonFuer leaders dragonworm (who was a base member as well) and D_loaded in order for the group to make a clean break from DMC. The ownership of Deus_Vult19 belonged to dragonworm, as it was an NFA, but the account has since expired.

Notable Builds

  • "The Cathedral" - a massive church built by Fargendo, _Nukaa, and UpliftSage
  • A massive portal-based gold farm built by Fargendo after a design by tyrannus00, largest on the server upon completion.
  • A full scale replica of the USS Enterprise built by _Nuka, which would have housed pearl stasis chambers after 1.16.2
  • The Donwood Scoundrel's Club, built by Diplotomodon
  • Schematic recreations of several old Donfuer towers built by dragonworm
  • The server's only known automatic piglin bartering farm

The gold farm at DonWood was the largest on the server, having used and expanded upon the same design as the one at FarmTown. When used, it would drop the server's global TPS to as low as 10.

Unfinished projects include a gigantic museum intended to house DMC relics and artifacts, the Factory (built to contain a number of high efficiency automatic farms), and an underground subway system utilizing the new strider mob.