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Dupes or duplication glitches are a way to copy and multiply items in-game. This allows players to have endless resources.

hyperdefined has stated that he allows dupes for a short period of time on purpose for players to collect needed materials.

Donkey Dupe 1

The donkey dupe was the first dupe that was used on the server. It was made aware of by Conga0. To do this method, you needed Future Client.

  1. Put a donkey on a chunk corner. Put the items in it's chest.
  2. Type ".entitydesync dismount," then type ".hclip 255."
  3. Wait a few seconds, then type ".entitydesync remount."
  4. There will be two donkeys. Take the items out of the one you are on, then hop onto the other one and collect the items again. You duped the items.

This was "patched" by hyperdefined when he disabled donkey and llama riding from the server. You would get a message saying "This action is currently disabled" when right clicking on a donkey or llama. hyperdefined then later reported the issue to PaperMC, and they fixed this dupe by backporting a feature from 1.13+. This patch from PaperMC fixed this dupe on all servers.

Donkey Dupe 2

The second donkey dupe to be used on the server was a variant of the first one, only this time with WWE Client. Players could dismount their donkeys like in the Future method, and use freecam to remount their donkey in unloaded chunks, causing the donkey's inventory to be duped.

This dupe was around for much longer, as the playerbase was dwindling and not many players knew about the dupe. It was found on the 17th of August, 2019, and was patched by hyperdefined on September 16th.

Crash Dupe

The server crash dupe allowed players to dupe up to a double chest of items each time the server crashed, due to the chunks not saving during the crash. A player named Synaxis first discovered the crashing method, but was eventually abused by several players. During the peak of the duping, the server was crashed over 40 times in one night. This led to the biggest influx of items the server has seen thus far. The crash exploit was active from March 12-16th, 2020.

hyperdefined attempted to patch the server crashing issues by first removing the queue server, but after a bot attack he had to put it back. Eventually, however, he was able to identify the source of the crashing, and patched it.