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weed man
Join Date May 29th, 2019
Era The First Wave, Q2
Status Active
Bases Southern Digger Outpost, Port Deadwood, Spawntown (Founder), Farmtown, DonWood
Other Usernames
Known Alts
Reddit u/Fargendo
Current Southern Diggers, Deadwood, Kooky Kapitalist Klan
Past DonFuer

Fargendo, one of the oldest active players on the server, is often referred to as the "king of DMC". Though this title is (apparently) unofficial, those who question it tend to mysteriously disappear in the dead of night.

He is known for almost single-handedly creating the current spawn landscape, leading the Southern Diggers in carving out the +Z Nether tunnel, assisting and occasionally murdering unsuspecting newbies, contributing to a large portion of the server's economy through his stoner kits, and smoking an unhealthy amount of the devil's lettuce.


During late 2019 when the player base dwindled between 1 and 5 players online, Fargendo invited new players Diplotomodon and OptimalArchitect to join him in building a new base. As the three of them began down the nether highways, exoh42 logged in and was also invited to the base. After much debate, the group decided to name the base "Port Deadwood" because of its geographical location, and the groups desire to finally settle upon a name.

As time went on, the group consisted of a majority of the server's player base, until Fargendo decided to launch an advertising campaign for the server. By means of spamming the IP on other anarchy servers, DMC's popularity began to grow, and Port Deadwood members started recruiting new and returning players alike. After Port Deadwood was abandoned due to the coordinates being leaked, the group decided to name themselves "Deadwood", since they couldn't come up with a better name.

As Deadwood traveled to the millions to find a new place to make a base, Fargendo stayed near spawn and partook in his own shenanigans. However, after some time apart, Fargendo reunited with the Deadwood members when they formed an alliance with a new group to the server called DonFuer.

Spawn Town

Kooky Kapitalist Klan

Southern Diggers


Fargendo thinks DonFuer is full of a bunch of retards.