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Field of Food

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Field of Food
The Field of Food (Part 1) at night
Founded June 3rd, 2019
Era The First Wave
Members Xenara (co-founder), HervisDaubeny (co-founder), portego, Conga0, Viizen, ByteKing, IHackedCSGO, Dissentra, Jains, Bairstow
Restoration crew:
SirSpaceCow (project lead), exoh42, Nukaagamer, Sepsis, Fargendo, NatPlays
Status Griefed
Dimension Overworld
Coordinates Part 1: x=-2000, z=3500
Part 2: x=1700, z=17350

Field of Food was a community project made to spread 'positivity, friendliness, and farms' around the world of DestroyMC. Originally headed by Xenara, the base was founded on June 3, 2019, and was maintained by a slowly growing group of dedicated community members and travelers of which _HervisDaubeny was the first.

The Field of Food was not a single base, but a multi-base project that continuously expanded until the griefing of Field of Food Part 2. Part 1 of the Field of Food Project was originally griefed on June 7, 2019. The base was then mostly restored around October 19, 2019 by SirSpaceCow, Sepsis, exoh42, _Nukaa, NatPlays, and Fargendo.

On November 28, 2019, the Field of Food was griefed (again) by two new players, Emerald_One and redjet. The restoration effort was abandoned as a result.

Part One

Part 1 was founded on the 3rd of June 2019 by Xenara and _HervisDaubeny. By the end of the first night, three more members had joined, portego, Conga0, and Viizen. It was located at -2000 3500 and was built between a plains biome surrounded by a Taiga, Flower Forest, and Oak Forest biome. The main field of crops stretched across the entire expanse of the lower plains biome, and the field was surrounded by player houses, food storage, a stable, a forge, a village shop, and an inn. After a couple days of staying active and untouched, the project was griefed by __Payne__ and Some____Memes on June 7, 2019. The base was then abandoned for some time.

The base underwent extensive restoration starting on October 19, 2019, when former member SirSpaceCow returned to the base and began repairing old structures. He was soon joined by others, who continued the project into November. The base was almost fully restored when two new players griefed the base on November 28, 2019, after which it was abandoned a second and final time.

Part Two

Part 2 was founded not long after Part 1 was griefed, and was founded by Xenara again - with no correlation with _HervisDaubeny this time - and was located between a savannah biome and the ocean. Fewer members were given the coordinates to this base, but Portego, ByteKing, and Viizen actively used this base and contributed to it for the mere 12 hours that it stood. Within a day, Field of Food Part 2 was griefed. It is currently unclear whether an insider was the one who griefed the base, or an insider leaked the coordinates to a griefer. On June 8th, the day it was griefed, Portego, Viizen, and ByteKing burned the remains of the build in show of honor.


World Download

A world download can be found here. This world download features an early part of the restoration. It was taken by hyperdefined on October 30, 2019.