Friday Night Fights

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Friday Night Fights
FNF 2020-06-26.png
A typical fight (June 26, 2020)
Date weekly on Fridays
First FNF: February 28, 2020
Location Spawntown
Major Participants varies

Friday Night Fights are weekly PVP competitions organized by the DMC playerbase, usually held in the Niggaman's Keep at Spawntown.


Despite existing on an anarchy server, Friday Night Fights are generally accepted by the playerbase to be a neutral zone where killing only occurs during the formal fights themselves. Several different rulesets have been created: two of the most popular are Sword n' Board (sword and shield battles fought with no totems or gapples) and All Out (anything-goes PVP, and thus typically crystal-based).


Shortly before the base's destruction, some players at Spawntown proposed the idea of holding weekly fights inside the gigantic Niggaman's Keep: there was plenty of open space available for battles of all kinds, and the obsidian floor was perfect for crystal PVP. The first such fight was held on February 28, 2020 and heavily advertised. New players who logged in that night were even offered gear and complimentary taxi service to the Keep via boatfly so they could spectate the matches.

Spawntown itself was later destroyed, but due to the grief-proof nature of the Keep, the fights continued to be organized on occassional Fridays. Recently, the events have become more formal: a Discord for the server's PVP community and Friday Night Fights is run by tyrannus00 (who has also MC'd the fights during most weeks), and x8h has set up a 1.15.2 PVP server for the community's use to practice.

Occasionally, fights are held at 0,0 to take advantage of the extensive exposed bedrock for crystal fights.


  • DMC PVP Community - the player-run Discord for FNFs
  • - server IP for DMCPVP (currently defunct)