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Ground Zero

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Ground Zero
An overview of Ground Zero
Founded June 25, 2019
Era The First Wave
Members Blaze_Warfare, Xenara, aztrosist, fzed, BooBooBaloney, SparkkyPvP, 3vt, HermonieGamer, Kool_cat0778, Conga0, EyepAddress, DIAPERSHA6, exoh42, Penguin_Mann
Status Griefed
Dimension Overworld

Ground Zero was a project started by Blaze_Warfare right before abandoning Valley of Demeter. During its life it was one of the biggest active bases on the server, boasting 13 total members in its ranks. For unclear reasons, aztrosist and EyepAddress attacked and killed Penguin_Mann. The next day (July 7th 2019), Penguin exacted his revenge around 12:00 pm EST, by burning most of the builds to the ground. He griefed all builds except Phoenix Keep, which stood alone until it too was griefed by Exerdra in February 2020.


  • Ground Zero once had the first colored sign on the player wall. This sign was made by hyperdefined when he visited the base. It was destroyed during the grief.
  • The player board in the first picture is not concurrent with the member list in the article.