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Street view of Kyratov
Founded June 3, 2019
Era The First Wave
Members Nukaagamer, weedsniff, exoh42, Kibata
Status Griefed
Dimension Overworld

Kyratov was a long surviving base on DestroyMC, with a lot of time and effort being put in. The Founders are Nukaagamer, weedsniff, and exoh42. It had a very authoritarian, dystopian aesthetic, with a fictitious supreme leader, Ivan Gorvochevy.

The city is split up into subcategories, Including Farmland, Downtown, Middle class residential, Shipping, Industrial, slums, and The Grand Fortress.

Kyratov has plenty of other utilities, including canals leading to ocean, border walls, Ministries, statues, and documentation.

While the base is extremely close to Valley of Demeter, Kyratov is sovereign, and officially recognized.

When exoh42 was placed in temporary power of Valley of Demeter thanks to 2f4u_, he wrote a bylaw stating that Demetrians had to supply Kyratov with 10 stacks of wheat daily, and proclaiming the valley as Kyratov's territory. (roleplay)

The base mostly focuses on aesthetic look, as opposed to solely utilitarian.

Kyratov even possesses it's own flag, being horizontal black, white, to blue.

While the base does pretend to be superior to others, please remember that it's all in good fun and should not be taken personally.

After friction between members of Kyratov and the Valley of Demeter, the base was abandoned on June 25, 2019.

But then around July 3, the base was given a breath of new life from the revival. The group Ground Zero came to the base and expanded it, against the wishes of the founders.