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MOTDs (stands for message of the day), are the messages you see on the multiplayer server screen. They are randomized messages that were submitted to hyperdefined through donations and reddit posts.

Current List

These are all of the current messages that might show up.

  • "what is motd?"
  • "Hyper, Do you want to build a base together?"
  • "Where's Waldo!?"
  • "fuck me jerry FUCK ME"
  • "I just ate some moldy cabbage"
  • "No one is watching, dupe your gapples."
  • "Go on now, say the n word!"
  • "Ching Chong sounds"
  • "this server sucks"
  • "32K weapons are coming"
  • "Boi i'm really bout getcho pickle chin ahh boi"
  • "Squidward testicle"
  • "Do you like my sword, sword, my diamond sword?"
  • "safety torch"
  • "Nugget in a biscuit"
  • "Waldo is here"
  • "4head bruh moment"
  • "The place where everyone's a looser"
  • "Enemy predator missile inbound!"
  • "Now with more withers!"
  • "It's a fade on sight"
  • "Locally farmed Withers"
  • "Apply for moderator today!"
  • "I love giving Hyper footjobs!"
  • "You won't believe what happened at spawn!1 gone sexual 18+ storytime almost caught"
  • "Felt cute might dupe later idk"
  • "bong bong bong"
  • "accurate"
  • "Glorious 20 tps"
  • "Join now for an extra chance to die!"
  • "hyper eats children like cookies"
  • "what the fuck is a dupe"
  • "we're all still newfags"
  • "coolest anarchy server in minecraft"
  • "Send coordinates for nudes"
  • "I only see Pee and that is all that come out of my balls"
  • "I just saw bug go across desk."
  • "I download hack client and I never do that so I am kind of playing trick on self xD"
  • "Why is a sign named 'Cum ass'?" - StephenatorFTW
  • "20tps gang"
  • "Did you know?"
  • "Everyone gangsta till lava curtain gone"
  • "Made by a single man."
  • "Yes, you can use your hacks. Please stop asking."
  • "This is an MOTD, MOTD stands for Message Of The Day. The more you know!"
  • "Pick a god and pray motherfucker"
  • "why can't I ride my donkey?!"
  • "everybody gangsta till hyper logins"