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Nukaa's perm skin.png
penis boy
Join Date May 27th, 2019
Era The First Wave, Q2
Status Active
Bases Two for One (co-founder), Citadel, Fellstrond (co-founder), Kyratov (co-founder), 1k1k, Spawntown, Deadwood Isle, DonWood
Other Usernames Nukaagamer
Known Alts _Goopa
Current Deadwood

_Nuka is a Day 1 player, being a co-founder of Two for One, Fellstrond, and Kyratov. He most commonly builds, whilst creating a role-play environment for himself and others. He is also one of the 5 players who opened The End first to kill the Ender Dragon.

_Nuka has a resume for big builds, including replicas of Big Ben, DSN, and the USS Enterprise. He's the player who built the bastion at the Citadel, Kyratov Castle, and the great wall/canal of Kyratov.

_Nuka took part in many of the server's bases, and is well known for building. He spent a total of 16 days on the server, the 29th most active player.

_Nuka won the title of DMC President at the DestroyMC Election held on August 28, 2020.