Port Deadwood

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Port Deadwood
deadwood exoh sunset.png
Port Deadwood at sunset
Founded November 17, 2019
Era The First Wave
Members Fargendo, Diplotomodon, OptimalArchitect, exoh42, hyperdefined2, Justeaze, Exerdra
Status Griefed
Dimension Overworld

Port Deadwood was a base founded on November 17, 2019 by Fargendo, Diplotomodon, OptimalArchitect, and exoh42. It existed for more than two months before being self-griefed due to its discovery.


The foundation of Port Deadwood happened purely by chance: during the afternoon of November 17, 2019, Fargendo accidentally ran into new player Diplotomodon in the Nether hub, and fellow new player OptimalArchitect aimed to build a base centered around a pillager outpost due to the server's recent update. After a discussion in chat, they and exoh42 agreed to venture out into new chunks and base together.

Led through the Nether by Fargendo, the group eventually found a location adjacent to a pillager outpost, a village, and an ocean, and Port Deadwood was officially established (although the name would not be decided until a few days later). Using his survival mode account, hyperdefined also met up with them and joined the base. He also accidentally triggered the first raid on the server, which was completed with fewer casualties than expected.

Two more members, Justeaze and Exerdra, would also be accepted into Port Deadwood on January 8, 2020.

On January 26, player DefineOutside was able to locate the base using shulker box coordinates after investigating a Paper timings report shared in a Minecraft admin discord as part of a lag troubleshoot, and stole several kits. After a confrontation, DefineOutside leaked the coordinates in chat and Port Deadwood was self-griefed by its members with TNT and three withers to prevent other players from acquiring any more resources. A subway system and a mycelium-themed castle, as well as many other projects, were unfinished at the time of the base's destruction. The group would continue to operate under the Deadwood name at a new location immediately afterwards.

Port Deadwood was home to a number of then-unique structures, including a raid farm, a drowned farm, an extensive autosmelter setup, the first beehives on the server, and a Grand Library filled to the brim with bookshelves, shulker boxes, and an enchanting table floor (made all the more impressive by the fact that none of the items of the library were duped). After acquiring the music disc "far" on the first day, it became the base's official anthem.