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Posting Guide

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Posting Guide

This guide is to show users how to format their pages and use the infoboxes that were created. Please follow these steps on how to create and format pages on the wiki.

Quick Tips

Our wiki runs off of MediaWiki. You can see a much bigger guide on posting here. These are just simple ones you might need.

Creating a page

To create a new page, simply search the page on the wiki. Then click "Create the page (pagename) on this wiki!" Clicking this will open a new editor that will create the page.

Add an image

Click the "Embedded File" at the top toolbar. You then can add the filename. The extension is required. The second box is for a caption that will show under the image preview box.

Formatting text

You can use the toolbar on the editor to change how text looks. Just hover over each option to see what it is.

Uploading Images

When uploading images, please name the file appropriately. If you need to replace an image, please upload over the current image. To do this, find the file page and click "Upload a new version of this file" at the bottom. File pages will have the prefix "File:" in the title.


It's recommended to name the file as the player's username. People can use the player's skin more easily when needed. To get a player skin, you can go onto NameMC and search the player up. Then, just right click the preview box to save the image of the skin. Then you can go to the Upload Page and upload the file.

Bases/Groups/Other Pages

There aren't any naming rules, just make sure that it's named so people can identify it.

Player Pages

If you want to make a player page, do not make a user page! If your page has "User:" in the title, then please delete that page and create a new one with just your name.

Player Infoboxes

{{Infobox player
| name       = [player name]
| image      = Image:example.png [full image link, defaults to 300px width]
| caption    = [brief player quote or description, otherwise leave blank]
| joindate   = [player's joindate, can be checked ingame with the command /player (username)]
| era        = [see the Server Eras page]
| status     = [active or inactive]
| bases      = [links to the player's known bases]
| usernames  = [other names of the player's MAIN account]
| alts       = [names of the player's OTHER accounts, if known]
| reddit     = [reddit username]
| current    = [current group affiliations]
| past       = [past group affiliations]

Use this on all player pages. This shows the nice little box that shows the player's information. This also adds the player to the Player Category.

To find the joined date, do /player <username> in game to get the date. You don't need the time.

Base Infoboxes

{{Infobox base
| name       = [name of the base]
| image      = Image:example.png [filename goes here]
| caption    = [caption for the lead image]
| founded    = [date the base was founded]
| era        = [see the Server Eras page]
| members    = [list of members present at the base]
| status     = [active, abandoned, or griefed]
| dimension  = [overworld, nether, or end]
| coords     = [if coords are PUBLICLY KNOWN they can be posted here - do not post privately shared information]

Use this for all base pages. It works just like a player page, but some information is changed. This also adds the player to the Base Category.

Group Infoboxes

{{Infobox group
| name       = [name of the group]
| image      = [representative image]
| caption    = [image caption]
| established = [date group was founded]
| disbanded  = [date group was dissolved]
| status     = [active, inactive, disbanded]
| currentmembers = [current memberlist]
| formermembers = [former members]]
| bases      = [all group bases]
| projects   = [other accomplishments the group may be known for]

Use this for all group pages. It works just like a player page, but some information is changed. This also adds the player to the Group Category.