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Primis meetup at 0,0 on May 28, 2019
Established May 28th, 2019
Disbanded ~late summer 2019
Status Disbanded
Current Members
Former Members J_M_S_K, xCape, Rennims, _HervisDaubeny, fzed, legomaster25, Dissentra, SparkkyPvP, EyepAddress, lavatheawesome, Conga0
Bases Auschwitz, Gen 2 Base, Primis Keep, The Last Stand
Other Projects Constructed the first Nether highways

Primis was the first formal group of players established on the server. They were known for primarily being a group of builders, creating several bases which still exist (albeit abandoned) to this day. Its founding members were J_M_S_K, xCape, Rennims, _HervisDaubeny, legomaster25 and fzed.


Primis Keep, the group's most well-known base

Primis was formed on the second day of the server's existence (May 28th) and its founding members were among the first to start constructing the Nether highways. Their first base, Auschwitz (also known as Gen 1 Base) was built on the same day. A second base ("Gen 2 Base") was founded by new Primis members on May 31st. However, both bases would be abandoned soon afterwards due to their discovery.

Their most well-known base, Primis Keep, was founded on June 2nd and served as the group's main base of operations until once again being discovered by a random player. Despite this, it remains intact, and it is considered one of the server's best bases by many veteran players who keep its location a relative secret. Largely due to Primis Keep, the group gained a reputation as experienced builders.

Afterwards, the group moved to a new location (later dubbed "The Last Stand" by EyepAddress) and grew more and more inactive over the next few months. As of 2020 Primis is considered officially disbanded by its members, although it is possible a few potential secret Primis bases have yet to be discovered.