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The Rampart
Rampart 2020-05-22.png
The Rampart courtyard on May 22, 2020
Founded ~June 2019, renovated May 21, 2020
Era The Rebirth Era
Members original: unknown - post-renovation: exoh42, Diplotomodon (alt), tyrannus00, clgpro23, brett_alan, Tarrac, Magnus_Tesshu, fzed, engineer17
Status Griefed
Dimension Overworld
Coordinates n/a

The Rampart is a spawnbase originally built in June 2019. Despite being located very close to 0,0, it remained standing and abandoned for nearly a year before being named, renovated, and repopulated in May 2020.


The cobblestone walls and tower of the Rampart were present at spawn as early as June 2019 according to several older players - yet their original builder remains unknown. An often-griefed wheat field was located between the walls and the lake the base was built next to. Despite being a fairly recognizable spawn landmark, its name was unknown.

A few minor touchups and renovations were made by players such as Fargendo, but it was not until May 21, 2020 when exoh42 and Diplotomodon decided to turn the walls into a fully functioning spawnbase ahead of the server's first anniversary. Their intent was to create a small outpost for newer players to rest and regear at before setting off for further pastures. They renamed the base "the Rampart" and the project soon drew the attention of several other active players around spawn. Recently, several other builds have appeared around the original walls. Despite several griefing attempts, the main wall had survived for months. However, on May 27, 2020, x8h withered the base, leaving most of it in ruins.

The Rampart is still occasionally repaired and maintained, but not to any major extent, and the base remains abandoned.

Notable features included the Honey Tower, an aquarium constructed by brett_alan, a small bee farm, an inn/shop built by Magnus_Tesshu and a large dirt temple next to the base built by fzed.