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Although the server is anarchy, the wiki is not. If you break the rules, your account maybe blocked from posting. This is why we require players to create accounts before posting.

Post Relevant Content

  • Please only post information about the server itself. This includes player pages, bases, groups, and events.
  • If it did not happen on the server, then do not post it. Outside events can be posted, but they have to be related to the Minecraft server.

Page Rules

  • Please create pages when needed. Only create pages you know about. Do not create spam pages. You are allowed to make a blank page for others to post if you don't know the information.
  • If a page is deleted, you can submit a message to an Admin to have it restored. If it's denied, do not repost it.
  • Please do not vandalize pages. Do not post your opinions on other player's pages.

False Information/Drama

  • Please do not post false information about players, events, or anything.
  • Do not post information in a way that causes drama.

Discussion Pages

  • Use the discussion pages for discussing pages only. Do not harass others there or break the rules above.

Reporting to Admins

  • Please either message one on Discord, or just ask in the official Discord.