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Although the server is anarchy, the wiki is not. If you break the rules, your account maybe blocked from posting. This is why we require players to create accounts before posting.

Post Relevant Content

  • Please only post information about the server itself. This includes player pages, bases, groups, and events.
  • Events should relate to the server.

Page Rules

  • You are allowed to create "blank" pages. This means you can create a page with the basic information. Do not create an empty page.
  • If a page is deleted by an admin, do not recreate the page. Contact one of the admins to discuss why it was removed.
  • If a page is rollbacked by an admin, do not redo those edits. Use the discussion tab or contact and admin for an explanation.
  • Do not vandalize pages. This includes removing information, shitposting, and wiping a page out.

No Bias

  • Be objective with what you write. Do not be bias towards certain people or things.

Discussion Pages

  • Use the discussion pages for discussing pages only.

Contacting Admins

If you need to contact an admin, you can either talk to an admin on Discord or email the owner directly.