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Each year will mark a new server era. In each era, there are 4 quarters.

  • January, February, and March are Q1.
  • April, May, and June are Q2.
  • July, August, and September are Q3.
  • October, November, and December are Q4.

For example, hyperdefined is from The First Wave during Q2, since he joined in May 2019.

The First Wave - (2019)

The First Wave marked the first year the server was up. This era started on May 27th, 2019 and lasted until December 31st, 2019.

The First Wave saw an initial explosive growth in the playerbase during the first month or so, then a gradual decline into nearly complete server inactivity. Around November the playercount started to gradually rise again due to several successful Reddit posts advertising the server.

  • Late May - Early July: 10-30 players per day. This is the period of time that many old players consider the "golden age" of the server.
  • Mid-July - October: 0-5 players per day. Considered the worst point in the server's history by those who experienced it. DestroyMC came very close to shutting down for good during this time.
  • November - December: 0-10 players per day. Start of the steady playercount increase.

The Rebirth Era - (2020)

This era began on January 1, 2020 and ended on September 8, 2020, the day the server closed. The Rebirth Era was marked by the sharp increase of the regular playercount due to the aforementioned Reddit posts and a botting campaign carried out by Fargendo and x8h. This era saw the rise of the most powerful bases on DestroyMC to date, such as Donwood, Norwegian Base and Venomforce 2.

  • January - late February: 5-15 players per day.
  • March - early September: 5-30 players per day.


These are some various photos of the playerbase from the first 3 days. All of the photos are dated.