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This page documents the (somewhat abridged) history of the server.

(NOTE: This list is incomplete, some information might be missing from this timeline!)

2019 - The First Wave


  • May 27: hyperdefined launches the server around 5PM EST on version 1.12.2, and advertises it on other major anarchy servers as a lag free alternative.
  • May 28: Members of Two for One open the End and kill the Ender Dragon for the first time. Simultaneously, BJs4Lapis betrays the group, killing a few players with the Oath Breaker and griefing the base. Two for One is then abandoned.
    • Sanderall, the first Discord bot, is introduced to the server and quickly becomes infamous among the playerbase.
    • The group Primis is (presumably) founded on this day.
    • Construction of Nether highways begins, most of initial work done by members of Primis.
  • May 29: The Citadel is founded by Blaze_Warfare and former members of Two for One.
    • Server hardware is upgraded.
    • Items can now have color codes in the name. This feature is still on the server today.
  • May 30: A swarm of over fifty withers appear in the Nether, destroying many of the newly built highways and creating a massive crater at 0,0. Blaze_Warfare is later revealed to be responsible for this.
    • The server hits a record total of 37 players online at the same time. This record has yet to be broken.
  • May 31: _HervisDaubeny finds the ruins of Two for One and starts repairing them.


  • June 1: BJs4Lapis discovers the coordinates of the Citadel, and Blaze_Warfare destroys the base with withers to prevent it from being griefed by others.
    • Fellstrond is founded by weedsniff and _Nukaa. exoh42 follows shortly after them. The base is still standing and unknown to a large majority of the player base.
    • Primis Keep, the third Primis base, is founded by xCape.
    • Conga0 achieves the first duplication on the server at an outpost that would come to be called the DupePost.
  • June 2: End crystals are disabled in the Overworld and Nether.
  • June 3: The Field of Food project is founded by Xenara and _HervisDaubeny. Several other players join and contribute resources.
  • June 4: As the sheer number of withers in the Nether continues to cause extreme TPS drops, several players join up to purge them to a more reasonable level.
  • June 7: The Field of Food is griefed by __Payne__ and U_Bot. As a result, Xenara creates a second Field of Food with some of the old members.
  • June 8: The second Field of Food is griefed through unknown circumstances (although it is possible that Zzaclipse was partially responsible). portego, Viizen, and ByteKing burn the remains in a show of honor.
  • June 12: End crystals are re-enabled in the Overworld and Nether.
    • Donkey and llama riding are disabled.
  • June 18: EyepAddress and Conga0 build the first ever lava wall to wrap spawn
  • June 20: 1k1k is founded by Blaze_Warfare and quickly grows to hold the most players at a base (20) until Spawntown.
  • June 22: By this point, 1k1k is completely abandoned after two separate griefing incidents by TheJoyofGambling and ExtinctAJ.
  • June 25: After tensions escalate between the Valley of Demeter and Kyratov, both bases are abandoned. Blaze_Warfare goes on to found Ground Zero after leaving the Valley.


  • July 2: StephenatorFTW joins the server and becomes an instant meme.
  • July 3: The members of Ground Zero return to Kyratov and start to rebuild and expand it.
  • July 7: Penguin_Mann griefs Ground Zero as revenge for past grievances. Phoenix Keep is the only structure to remain standing.


  • August 6: Fargendo starts to build the Lava Machine at spawn, but is forced to abandon it before completion due to lag issues.
  • August 17: The second donkey dupe is made public.
  • August 28: Server was announced to be closed in 5 days.
  • August 30: hyperdefined trolls everyone and cancels the server closure.


  • September 16: Second donkey dupe is patched; donkeys are no longer rideable with chests.




  • December 13: Server is updated to 1.15. Phantom spawning is disabled.
  • December 22: Server is updated to 1.15.1.
  • December 28: Worldsize has hit 200GB.

2020 - The Rebirth Era


  • January 25: Temp map for upgrade.
    • Server is updated to 1.15.2.
  • January 26: Server is back onto main map.
    • Port Deadwood's coordinates are leaked and the base is self-griefed.



  • March 6: The Kooky Kapitalist Klan is founded by Fargendo, tyrannus00, Synaxis and EyepAddress. The group is known for constructing the largest gold farm on the server (later surpassed by the gold farm at DonWood).
  • March 8: Discord chat integration is removed.
  • March 12: Crash dupe is discovered by Kooky Kapitalist Klan.
  • March 16: Donkey, llama, and mule riding with chests is enabled.
    • Wither spawn limit is removed.
    • Crash dupe is patched.
    • Phantoms are briefly re-enabled for about an hour in early/mid-March.
  • March 20: DonFuer is re-founded on the server, kept secret until June.


  • April 17: Primis Keep is lavacasted and withered by x8h.
  • April 26: The dragon egg is stolen from Blaze_Warfare by exoh42 and BenDuggan. Blaze had held the egg for eleven months prior, ever since killing the dragon itself and receiving it on May 28, 2019.
  • April 27: The Southern Diggers reach the Southern World Border after 3 weeks of continuous digging.



  • June 6: DonFuer goes public on DestroyMC after being featured in a FitMC video.
  • June 29: Server is updated to 1.16.1.



  • August 4: Server closure scare #2 begins. Ownership of DMC would be transferred to a new account (intended to be anonymous before being soon revealed as Blaze_Warfare), hyperdefined would regain ownership, and an unsuccessful attempt to host the server alongside would all occur within the next two weeks.
  • August 31: Donwood is griefed overnight by a fresh account named Deus_Vult19, later revealed to be dragonworm as an attempt to move DonFuer off of the server.


  • September 8: DestroyMC closes.