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A 2k x 2k render of spawn, taken March 2020.

Spawn refers to the worldspawn of, where all new players enter the server upon their first login. Consisting of the center of the server map, spawn is often used as a meeting place and is a hub of activity for many players. As of May 2020, players can expect to spawn within a 1000 block radius of 0,0.


The original spawnpoint upon the server's creation was located at approximately -200, 250, and consisted of a massive oak and birch forest located next to a hill. The area around the very center of the map (0,0) was a swamp. Very quickly, as the server population grew, the spawn regions began to be destroyed in typical anarchic fashion with massive pits, lavacasts, and lava walls.

For a long time, the spawn radius was limited to 500 blocks from 0,0, and beyond that distance the terrain was relatively intact. In mid-May 2020, hyperdefined increased the spawn radius to 1000 blocks, and the playerbase began work to further destroy this extended radius to make life harder for new logins.


The coordinates 0,0 are the exact center of the map and the location of the main Nether portals. The two sets of overworld axis highways intersect here, one at y=70 and one at y=120. Since it was originally located in a swamp biome, wet sponges litter the area, though some portions are still flooded.

A massive, wither-filled cavern stretching down to bedrock exists under 0,0 and extends a great distance into the rest of the spawn region. Due to the extreme number of blue wither skulls, this cavern grows continuously.

Notable Structures

A meeting atop Two Triangles Intercepting Each Other


Much like any other anarchy sever, the spawn landscape is covered with various lavacasts. Many of these were built by Fargendo, x8h, and Conga0 in the summer of 2019. Most of the working Nether portals within the lava walls are located on top of lavacasts, making them difficult to reach for new players but easily findable by geared players for ease of access to the Nether hub.

One of the first and (among old players) most well-known lavacasts is called Two Triangles Intercepting Each Other, originally built by Kool_cat0778 in June 2019 and named after its very obvious shape. Located at what was then the very southern edge of spawn, its summit was used as a meeting place by various players.

Lava Walls

Conga0 and EyepAddress's lava wall in June 2019

So far, two major lava walls have been constructed at spawn.

On June 18, 2019, a giant lava wall was casted around the original spawn point at the block height limit by Conga0 and EyepAddress, effectively turning it in to a lava-walled playground for spawn campers. This was later dismantled on June 20 by Chipoff and ExtinctAJ, much to the builders' ire. Its remains can still be seen within the larger spawn wall today, heavily weathered by wither skulls.

On November 5, 2019, Fargendo created a new 500x500 lava wall around 0,0 and, surrounding spawn, and is the "lava wall" most players know and refer to today. Despite appearances, it does not extend down to bedrock, and so a few tunnels exist under it leading to the outside world. By March 2020, most of this lava would be extinguished leaving only its cobblestone remains, but the wall still provides a challenge for players unlucky enough to spawn inside it.


Trenches carved by TNT bombers are the latest method of spawn destruction undertaken by the DMC playerbase at large. Several trenches of varying lengths and depths extend out along the axes. At the time of writing, a ~40 block wide trench surrounding the entire current 1000 block spawn radius is being constructed as part of a project (The Great Rift) spearheaded by Magnus_Tesshu.

The Crafting Flats

The Crafting Flats as viewed from the latest spawn render

A large blanket of crafting tables is located on the north edge of the lava wall, named "the Crafting Flats" by the server community. It has existed since at least June 2019, and thus predates the widely publicized crafting table craze and block worship on other anarchy severs such as 2b2t. It is widely believed to have been built by Kool_cat0778.

Thanks to its presence at spawn, it has inspired many injokes among the playerbase and has even inspired a few imitation crafting table biomes, most notably at Spawntown as built by qwkc and BenDuggan.

The Lava Machine

Built by Fargendo, the Lava Machine was capable of bringing the server to 4 TPS or lower. Its main purpose was to create a giant mountain at spawn, but only reached about 60 blocks tall before it was abandoned due to the lag it caused. The obsidian platform that the machine once stood on can still be seen in the sky over spawn.

Ancient Structures

A few notable structures were located at spawn before being totally destroyed by the numerous lavacasts.

The Pit

"The Pit" was a ten block deep hole next to the original spawnpoint created by xCape to trap unsuspecting new players into.

Fuck Sign

The Fuck Sign was created shortly after the server first went online, and made entirely of dirt blocks. It was located on top of the hill directly next to the spawnpoint, and would not be notable had it not inspired many memes among the original playerbase. Occasional rumors of a Fuck Sign revival persist.


Despite the harsh environment of the immediate spawn region, a few brave players have attempted to build bases there. Predictably, none of them have lasted for an extended period of time. A few notable examples are listed below:

  • 1k1k - a large community spawnbase started by Blaze_Warfare, named after its coordinates
  • Tavern Mine - an underground outpost built by SomeBullets, documented in a few old videos and destroyed by Conga0
  • A small, long-abandoned Gold Star Legion base
  • "Uda/Swolebase" - an African/fitness-themed base built on the Z+ highway in early 2020
  • Spawntown - the largest spawnbase (and indeed DMC base, by population) to date, located in outer spawn
  • The Rampart - an old spawnbase originally dating from June 2019, restored and griefed May 2020. The original builder(s) are still not known.


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