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Spawntown on February 25th, 2020
Founded February 21, 2020
Era The Rebirth Era, Q1
Members Fargendo (founder), exoh42, BenDuggan, Blaze_Warfare, hyperdefined2, Exerdra, x8h, Xenara, Magnus_Tesshu, EyepAddress, nicoli88, Marty42, THaTxz, Synaxis, qwkc, Sottler, NKMusic, yeboidon, _Nukaa, doorstring, UpliftSage317, DiscordPings, tyrannus00, gnikwo, vivi70000, Justeaze, corviddae, Sirr0m, engineer17
Status Griefed
Dimension Overworld
Coordinates x=1600, z=1500

Spawntown was a group base extremely close to spawn founded by Fargendo on February 21, 2020. The base currently holds the record for the largest group base in terms of player count, boasting 28 active members, many of whom were completely new to the server. Spawntown was home to a number of large builds, such as a massive obsidian keep, a gigantic replica of the Jesus Statue from 2b2t, and several skyscrapers. Spawntown was also known for its incredibly diverse player population, with oldfags, midfags, and newfags each represented equally.


The coordinates of what would become Spawntown were already home to a large obsidian castle built by Fargendo, exoh42 and Diplotomodon in December 2019, and several other prominent ruins lay nearby, such as 1k1k. In February, Fargendo returned to the obsidian keep and began advertising Spawntown in server chat as a collaborative spawn base, and started work on his skyscraper. The next day, due to the volume of the advertisements and Fargendo's own connections, the population of Spawntown began to steadily grow. Several notable oldfags, such as EyepAddress and x8h came to the base to assist in the construction, while newfags, some of them completely naked, came in droves from the greater spawn region. The oldfags and midfags doled out god gear to all those who came (and who needed it), and the base eclipsed the member cap of 1k1k within two nights of its inception.

Giving free gear out to pretty much everyone who showed up (that needed it) proved to be an ill-advised idea. Newfag AlphaAssassin, who had been invited to the server by Sirr0m, a member of the base, was given one of Fargendo's Kits and promptly burned down nearly every wooden build he could get at with a flint and steel. A conflict between him and Fargendo ensued, which ended in Alpha combat-logging. Two days later, Alpha returned with Sirr0m and the two used several stacks of TNT to minorly grief several builds. This backfired severely, and the string of incidents that followed resulted in Sirr0m getting doxxed, which forced him to leave both the base and the server itself for some time.

Around February 28, 2020, x8h withered and blew up all of Spawntown, save the Niggaman's Keep. By this time, many of its inhabitants had left, and those who hadn't were forced to leave as a result. Due to the highly grief-proof nature of the Keep, Friday Night Fight Nights are still hosted there, and newer players have attempted to revive Spawntown with new builds or structures on multiple occasions (notably by qwkc, who contributed to the original base and repaired much of the original landscape afterward). The likely final attempted revival of Spawntown in June 2020 was led by SpartanWarrio157, clgpro23, fzed, and TysonDavis17. However, this was short-lived: extensive griefing by x8h, wildbush, and obybella would leave the area almost entirely covered in immense lava casts. The base itself is still a common meeting place and often patrolled by older players: for instance, the celebratory fireworks show for the server's one year anniversary was held atop the Spawntown ruins.

Notable Structures

  • The Niggaman's Keep, which housed the member list and a PVP arena, complete with betting pool. Built by Fargendo, exoh42 and Diplotomodon around December 2019.
  • Crafting Table Land, an homage to the infamous Crafting Flats near spawn, built mostly by qwkc.
  • Fargendo's Skyscraper, a large skyscraper built by Fargendo.
  • Big Ben, a replica of the real-life Big Ben built by _Nukaa.
  • The Honeymet, a tavern and hostel built by tyrannus00.
  • Stone Jesus, a replica of the infamous Jesus Statue from 2b2t, built by Synaxis.
  • Furnace Cross, a large cross built out of furnaces and smooth stone by exoh42.
  • The Spawntown Library, an enchanting area and book/banner collection constructed by BenDuggan.
  • In 2020, a gigantic obsidian Stegosaurus rivaling the size of the Keep appeared at the ruins seemingly overnight - its builder remains unknown.

All of these structures (except the Niggaman's Keep and portions of Crafting Table Land) are almost completely destroyed thanks to repeated withering and TNT griefing.


  • Spawntown was SUPPOSED TO BE a completely neutral zone (meaning no beef or grudges between players is tolerated).
  • Spawntown hosts Friday Night Fights, where players of all stripes are encouraged to come out to the Niggaman's Keep and watch, bet on, and participate in fights.
  • Technically, the Niggaman's Keep as it was originally envisioned remains incomplete.