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Server Timeline

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* '''June 7:''' The Field of Food is griefed by [[Payne|__Payne__ ]] and [[U Bot|U_Bot]]. As a result, Xenara creates a second Field of Food with some of the old members.
* '''June 8:''' The second Field of Food is griefed through unknown circumstances (although it is possible that [[Zzaclipse]] was partially responsible). [[portego]], [[Viizen]], and [[ByteKing]] burn the remains in a show of honor.
*'''June 18:''' EyepAddress and Conga0 build the first ever lava wall to wrap spawn
* '''June 20:''' [[1k1k]] is founded by Blaze_Warfare and quickly grows to become the largest group base ever created on DMC.
* '''June 22:''' By this point, 1k1k is completely abandoned after two separate griefing incidents by [[TheJoyofGambling]] and [[ExtinctAJ]].
* '''June 25:''' After tensions escalate between the Valley of Demeter and Kyratov, both bases are abandoned. Blaze_Warfare goes on to found [[Ground Zero]] after leaving the Valley.
* '''July 2:''' [[StephenatorFTW]] joins the server and becomes an instant meme.
* '''January 25:''' Server is updated to 1.15.2.
* '''January 26:''' [[Port Deadwood]]'s coordinates are leaked and the base is self-griefed.

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