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Join Date February 8th, 2020
Era The Rebirth Era, Q1
Status Active
Bases Karmabase, Spawntown, FarmTown
Other Usernames
Known Alts
Current Kooky Kapitalist Klan, Southern Diggers
Past Karma

Synaxis was the first to arrive at a dupe stash leaked by Blaze_Warfare in February 2020 which gave him recognition and many duped items early on. He is known for discovering the crash dupe which led to the biggest influx of items the server has seen thus far and has given the Kooky Kapitalist Klan a huge economic advantage over almost everyone else on DestroyMC. He is also known for his work in helping the Southern Diggers carve out the +Z Nether highway and destroying much of the spawn landscape after the spawn radius for new players was increased in May 2020.