The End

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The End is the End Dimension of the server. It was opened on May 28th, 2019 by the members of Two for One. The dragon was first defeated by Blaze_Warfare, exoh42, _Nukaa, weedsniff and dy1, all members of Two for One. The dragon egg was later collected by Blaze_Warfare and held by several other Two for One members to gain the advancement. It remained in his possession for nearly an entire year before being stolen by exoh42 and BenDuggan, acting on behalf of Deadwood, on April 26, 2020.

As with all major regions of the server, the End has been griefed by many players and the dragon has been resummoned and defeated numerous times.


The most frequented stronghold was at -1480, 1450, however, after the destruction of the end portal there by unknown means, it has fallen into disuse. This is also the stronghold that the members of Two for One discovered and used due to its close proximity to the base.


This VOD contains footage of Conga0 resummoning and defeating the Ender Dragon, and is the only known video footage of the End.