Two for One

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Two for One
TwoforOne entrance.png
Two for One's front gates.
Founded May 27th, 2019
Era The First Wave
Members exoh42 (co-founder), Nukaagamer (co-founder), 2f4u_, weedsniff, dy1, m6ple, Dissentra, Varunaofmacro, 6qb, DIAPERSHA6, 100ug, BJs4Lapis
Status Griefed
Dimension Overworld
Coordinates x= -2000 z= 1000

Two for One was the first group base on the server. The base was founded on May 27th, 2019 by exoh42 and Nukaagamer and abandoned later the next day after the betrayal of BJs4Lapis and the opening of The End. The base was then actively maintained by a small group of random players (mostly _HervisDaubeny) post-abandonment until June 3rd, 2019. Members of Two for One were also the first to defeat the Ender Dragon, on May 28, 2019 (see The End).


Two for One was founded the night of May 27, 2019. It was created after Nukaagamer asked exoh42 to base with him at the co-ordinates X=-2000 Z=1000 shortly after the two joined the server. Nukaa was the first to arrive at the site and began to mine for materials. Shortly after, Exoh made it from spawn and began construction of the base. The base continued to be expanded into the night, with Exoh's original wooden starter house and some cobble fences being built at this time. The final act of the 27th was inviting 2f4u_ to the base, as he had asked in chat if anyone had based up yet.

The next day (May 28) over five new players found out about and subsequently joined the base, including weedsniff, dy1, m6ple and BJs4Lapis. It was at this time that the base really began to grow, as the members got better gear and more supplies. The base was radically expanded at this time, with multiple different player houses being added, as well as a large farm and nether portal. hyperdefined, the server owner, also visited during this time.

It was during this same day that members of the base found the stronghold and went to The End for the first time in server history. 2f4u_, exoh42, Nukaagamer, weedsniff and dy1, all members of the base, became the first to fight and kill the Ender Dragon, with 2f4u_ striking the final blow and collecting the Dragon Egg. Many of the members started gathering End materials at this point.

However, this trip wasn't so triumphant. Just prior to the group jumping into the end portal, BJs4Lapis, who was back at the base, killed 6qb (also at the base) using the now infamous Oath Breaker. He then proceeded to kill hyperdefined, who was traveling to the stronghold to watch, before minorly griefing the base, betraying the group. It was at this point the respective members decided to go separate ways, out of fear that BJ would continue to make the base unsafe. 2f4u_, exoh42, Nukaagamer, weedsniff, and DIAPERSHA6 would go on to establish the Citadel with several others, while the rest of the base went solo or formed other groups.

On May 31, 2019, _HervisDaubeny found the base and began to repair it, along with several others who came and went. This went well for a while, with the base almost being completely renovated. However, Conga0 and Element_83 griefed the base on June 3rd, 2019, leaving it completely destroyed.


  • Two for One gets its name from the coordinates it is located at.
  • hyperdefined left a sign but never actually joined the base.
  • On the 6/29/2019 temp map, 2f4u_ and exoh42 made another base at -2k 1k in tradition of it being a new map (temp).
  • Two for One is one of the only sites where hyper actively abused his admin powers (he used a command block to spawn 500 cows right on top of the base).

World Download

The world download can be found here. This is the world download used in the photos below (with the exception of the last two).


NOTE: All screenshots, unless otherwise noted, use a world download of the base taken on May 28th, 2019. The pictures do not represent what the base looks like now.