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"The Historian"
Join Date May 27th, 2019
Era The First Wave, Q2
Status Active
Bases Two for One (co-founder), Citadel, Fellstrond, Kyratov (co-founder), 1k1k, Project 5k (founder), Ground Zero, Vladiyev, Port Deadwood (co-founder), Mount Deadwood (co-founder), Spawntown, Deadwood Isle, Rampart, DonWood
Other Usernames N/A
Known Alts Defunct: CongaCuck123, JackTheFlipper1, Dmitriyev, Spawntown

Active: elows

Reddit u/hypergx
Current Deadwood

exoh42 is a Day 1 player best known for co-founding Two for One, being a co-founder of Deadwood, and stealing the Dragon Egg from Blaze_Warfare. He also helped build the Niggaman's Keep at Spawntown with Fargendo and headed the restoration efforts of the Rampart alongside BenDuggan. He is one of the oldest active players on the server, having played with relative consistency since the first day DestroyMC was up.

Exoh is one of the five players that killed the Ender Dragon and freed The End for the first time on May 28, 2019.

Exoh is known for his knowledge of server history, having lived through or been a part of most of it. Exoh is also terrible at building, so don't ever ask him to build anything unless you need grunt work done on something.