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Joined: May 27, 2019
Era: The First Wave, Q2
Groups: Deadwood (on alt)
Bases: Citadel, Valley of Demeter, Port Deadwood (on alt)
Other Account(s): hyperdefined2

hyperdefined is the owner and sole admin of DestroyMC. hyperdefined controls all changes made to the server.


  • This is his second anarchy server. He used to own one called "Hollow Winds Anarchy." It was another server based off of his private vanilla one for friends. It was created around March 2019 and closed on May 16th, 2019 due to inactivity.
  • hyperdefined plays in survival mode on his alt account. His main account is used for admin purposes.
  • He has only been killed 3 times by three different players. He was killed by BJs4Lapis using Oath Breaker, Fargendo, and Blaze_Warfare (as a joke).