Valley of Demeter

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Valley of Demeter
View of the fields and a castle built by KingTortle
Founded June 3rd, 2019
Era The First Wave
Members Blaze_Warfare, KingTortle, Kibata, Mckimms, hyperdefined
Status Griefed
Dimension Overworld

Valley of Demeter was a base founded by Blaze_Warfare on June 3, 2019. Valley Of Demeter is the third base that was created by the members of Two for One, who were all invited by Blaze_Warfare.

Blaze_Warfare began work on a valley of wheat, naming it after Demeter, the goddess of agriculture. After working on it for a few days he began inviting people (Kibata, KingTortle, Mckimms, exoh42, Nukaagamer, weedsniff) to the area using his travel exploit that allowed him to bring each of them in under a day. After exoh42, Nukaagamer, and weedsniff arrived, they created their own area, naming it Kyratov. After friction came up within the group, Blaze_Warfare decided he could no longer continue building the valley and moved onto other plans (1k1k and Ground Zero) before completely abandoning the valley on 6/26/2019.

It is important to note that the Valley was annexed by Kyratov, after Blaze_Warfare gave temporary power to exoh42, and exoh bestowed that power onto the Kyratovian officials. It was ruled that the Valley would be Kyratovian commonwealth, and that Blaze's position be reduced to "governor" instead of leader. It was written that the Dimitrians gave 10 stacks of bread to Kyratov, and were not permitted entry to the country unless they applied for Kyratovian dual citizenship.