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Banner of Venomforce
Established May 27th, 2020
Disbanded N/A
Status Active
Current Members LolBoyJarno, Flo_D, clgpro23, tyrannus00, AutismoMaximo, SpartanWarrio157, DerVillion, engineer17, Hakim_Bey
Former Members see Members section
Bases Venomforce 1, the Pit Gardens
Other Projects Multiple high-class map arts, Newb Pass

Venomforce was a group of players founded in May 2020, who went on to become a major presence in the later days of the server.


Venomforce was established by LolBoyJarno and Flo_D, after LolBoy's previous guild, Obsidian Kingdom split after a betrayal and grief of their starter base. Flo_D, who was a fresh player coming from a friendship vanilla server traveled 200k blocks on a vanilla client to meet with him. Through global chat they met clgpro23 who turned out to be quite a friendly player, but focused on playing at spawn - so the three were not originally basing together.

A few days after their first in-game meeting Jarno messaged Flo_D about the grief of the Obsidian Kingdom's base. Since there was a traitor in the group they decided to make a new base with a smaller player count. At first, it was just Flo, Jarno, and Pancake. Soon after two other people from the old Obsidian Kingdom have joined - Urasigh and powerpaqr02.

There were good and bad times at The Venomforce 1, but they had fun all the time and there was never any bad blood between the 5 members. Flo worked on turning the village to a custom build while Jarno was working on map arts. Power was also working on his own projects. Although they lived in different time zones they got along very well.

The first problems started about a month into basing. Jarno was offline for one week and the other three of the old Obsidian Kingdom decided to move out because of the big project of lake Jarno started and did not finish. In the meantime CLG finally joined the base, Magnus visited it and soon after CLG leaked coords to tyrannus, who turned out to have friendly intentions. As CLG was a spawn player, who couldn't sit away for a long time, he soon moved back to playing on spawn, visiting the base from time to time.

"And that's around the time we decided to take the group to another level. As half of the people left it was time for a new move, to become or to perish."


The main purpose of all players of Venomforce is to have fun. They try to stay away from drama and simply "play the block game". The group is focused on doing big projects and developing interesting landmarks throughout the server. They also keep looking for ways of breaking the game, instead of breaking other players.


The Bad Bloods: LolBoyJarno, Flo_D, clgpro23, tyrannus00

The Banes: AutismoMaximo, SpartanWarrio157, DerVillion, engineer17, Hakim_Bey

The Toxins: A rank dedicated to new players in "testing period". Currently: SlowpokeSap, obybella, pancakesfn

List of former members:

  • pancakesfn - kicked by LolBoyJarno for starting a drama with DonFuer, rejoined later as a Toxin.
  • Urasigh - left with pancake and powerpaqr02, never wanted to come back.
  • Magnus Tesshu - big friend of the group, helped with some technical projects.
  • Molsted5, GrasslandPenguin - players who are still in group, but are currently inactive.