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Map Art Man
Join Date Febuary 27, 2020
Era The Rebirth Era, Q1
Status Active
Bases Spawntown, engineer17's Key, Kattlegat, Rampart, Map Art Outpost (founder), Taiga Town, DonWood
Other Usernames
Known Alts Active: _Architect12

Defunct: LegoArchitect12

Reddit u/engineer17_
Current Southern Diggers, Cultists of the Smiling God, Venomforce, Deadwood
Past DonFuer

engineer17 can often be found adventuring the greater spawn region, collecting artifacts from bases, or creating and documenting map art. He frequently uses his alt account, _Architect12, to live a nomadic lifestyle near spawn, while his main account is used for building. In addition, he joined the Southern Diggers in April 2020 to help carve out the +Z Nether highway and he helps maintain it to this day.