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Map Art Man
Join Date Febuary 27, 2020
Era The Rebirth Era, Q1
Status Active
Bases Spawntown, engineer17's Key, Kattlegat, Rampart, Map Art Outpost (founder), Taiga Town
Other Usernames
Known Alts LegoArchitect12
Reddit u/engineer17_
Current Southern Diggers, Cultists of the Smiling God

His interests include adventuring the greater spawn region, collecting artifacts from bases, and creating and documenting map art. engineer17 is also in the infrastructure group the Southern Diggers who carved out and do maintenance on the +Z Nether tunnel.

Southern Diggers

On April 4, 2020, engineer17 met Fargendo for the first time away from Spawntown. Fargendo had set up a line of flying TNT dupers in the outer spawn area, which engineer17 and Fargendo flew on for several minutes.

The next day, on April 5, 2020, Fargendo offered a kit and a shulker of enchanted golden apples to the first person who would repair the Southern overworld highway and extend it to 10k blocks in distance. engineer17 did not have many enchanted golden apples at the time, so he took the challenge. engineer17 and Fargendo were able to extend the highway to over 10k overworld by the end of the night.

On April 6, 2020, Fargendo started recruiting in-game for the Southern Diggers to gather a team to dig the Southern Nether highway. engineer17 was the first to agree to the dig and they started digging on the same night.

Map Art

Mario ? Block

engineer17 first became interested in map art in mid-April 2020. His first map art was a piece called Mario ? Block which was finished on May 11, 2020, and is made of black carpet, orange carpet, and gold pressure plates. Since then, engineer17 has created many more pieces and has expanded the overall interest of map art on DMC through the Map Artists of DMC discord server.