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...was killed by bigShatterhand using [Short Range Yeeter]
Join Date January 21st, 2020
Era The Rebirth Era, Q1
Status Active
Bases Karmabase, Spawntown, Farmtown, DonWood
Other Usernames
Known Alts lilShatterhand, exoh420, bigShatterhand
Reddit u/tyrannus00
Current Kooky Kapitalist Klan, Southern Diggers, Venomforce, DonFuer, Deadwood
Past Karmabase

Tyrannus00 is a player that is known for having many connections on DestroyMC. He generally respects everyone who returns it, though he is also famous for killing loads of newfags with his alt-account bigShatterhand, which is most of the time located near spawn. He isn't super talented as a builder, but he enjoys making big farms or just visiting other people's bases. If you happen to find one of his bases, you better think twice before you loot or grief it, because chances are that he will suddenly appear out of nowhere and show you his collection of duped end crystals, TNT, and withers...

A few of his accomplishments on the server include building the largest known gold farm at Farmtown, obtaining the How Did We Get Here advancement together with Magnus_Tesshu, and being one of the few people to get the advancement "The Next Generation". He has visited countless bases, some of which are public ruins, some are still secret. He also duped a lot during the Crash Dupe, which allowed him to spread his now widely recognized Survival Kit.

Tyrannus has also made very important contributions to the Friday Night Fights and often runs the whole operation via the DMC's PvP Community. Currently, he holds the record for most player kills on his alt-account bigShatterhand thanks to the involuntary help of mainly wildbush and rag.